Community Outreach

Upcoming community outreach events

Free Coffee & Prayer

drive-thru coffee and prayer

The Sioux Falls community is invited to start your Wednesdays off on a good note. Each Wednesday morning from 7:30 to 8:30, Lutheran Men in Mission offers drive-thru FREE coffee and prayer. Simply pull through under the canopy on the south side of the church, and have a coffee, hot chocolate, or bottled water and a quick prayer to start your day off right! 

church on the street

Whether out on the streets, visiting with a congregation, or at a meeting of people who gather to discuss services that are already providing for the marginalized homeless community, the question asked most often is, “Why?” Why don’t you just invite everyone to church and call it good? This might work for some, but others need more. 

Visit the Church on the Street website


The genesis of what is today Emmaus Road Ministries has humble beginnings. Emmaus Road Ministries was born at the crossroads where human tragedy and grief are intersected by the healing grace of God and by the solidarity of the Christian community.

Visit the Emmaus Road Ministries website.

food to you: mobile food pantry

As part of the Charis Ministries partnership, First Lutheran occasionally hosts Food to You distribution. Food to You Mobile Food Pantry is a way to get groceries and household items to those who need them on a weekly basis by distributing them in the neighborhoods after daytime work hours.

Food to You asks for a specific food each month to stock their shelves. You can drop these items off in the designated donation box in the back of the Atrium.

  • January/July: macaroni and cheese

  • February/August: pasta

  • March/September: hearty soups

  • April/October: cereal

  • May/November: peanut butter

  • June/December: tuna and tuna helper

Visit the Food to You website.

Necessities for Neighbors

As part of the Charis Ministries partnership, First Lutheran hosts a monthly Necessities for Neighbors distribution on the third Tuesday from 6 to 7 p.m. in Reformation Hall. Necessities for Neighbors distributes practical goods that are not available with SNAP benefits such as toilet paper, laundry detergent, feminine hygiene products, and some personal care items when available.

We currently see the need for nearly 1500 rolls of toilet paper per month. If you are so moved, you may contribute to support this important ministry. We are also seeking a corps of volunteers to help with this ministry. Please contact Pastor Jeff for more details.