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First Word is the monthly newspaper of First Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, SD. It is distributed to members of the congregation and others upon request. First Word is available to read online, via email, or U.S. mail. Stay in touch with what's happening in the First Lutheran faith family. Sign up below.

Article submissions are due the first business day of the month for publication the following month. The editors of First Word reserve the right to edit submissions. Reader feedback is always welcome. Please submit articles or questions regarding First Word to Susan Bell, Communications Coordinator.

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First Word is available to read online by the first of each month.

In the December issue:

  • There is No Fake Christmas

  • Fireside Forums

  • E & O SAT Initiative

  • Prison Fudge

  • Healthy Cooking & Lifestyle

  • FLC GAP Team

  • Christmas Cards for Homebound members

  • Milestone Minute

  • Christmas Giving Trees

  • Christmas Pageant

  • Poinsettia Garden

  • Year End Giving

  • The Bazaar, My Roots, and Traditions

  • WELCA Celebrates Jesus’ Birthday 

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