About Us

First Lutheran is your grandmother's church, your kid's church, your parent's church, and yours. We live, serve, reach out, and worship in the name of Jesus Christ. We give God's Word in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sinners, and teach how to share the good news while serving our neighbors' needs, and building up the community of faith. Please explore our site to learn more and imagine where you might like to get involved at First Lutheran!


Our worship services range in style from “contemplative” (Saturday 5 p.m.) to “traditional” (Sunday 8 and 9:30 a.m.) to “contemporary” (Sunday 11 a.m.). The style of each service is secondary to the reason we are gathering for worship – to give our thanks to God and be transformed by the message of the Gospel. Bulletins (including large-print) are available to guide you through every part of our worship service. We encourage families to worship together, but nursery care is available for our youngest members. The decision to dress up or dress casually for church is entirely up to you. Holy Communion is offered every Saturday at the 5 p.m. service, every Sunday at the 8 a.m. services, and on the first Sunday of each month at the 9:30 and 11 a.m. services. All baptized Christians who believe that Jesus is Lord are invited to share communion with us, regardless of denomination.


Christian Education is another important aspect of our life together at First Lutheran, with weekly study opportunities available for people of all ages. We live out our shared faith in many other ways – through prayer, service, stewardship, fellowship, music ministry and more.  


First Lutheran Church was founded in 1920.  We are part of the South Dakota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
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