Evangelism, Mission & Outreach

Downtown Outreach Task Force

Do you work, live, or play downtown or have a passion that has you downtown often? The members of the Downtown Outreach Task Force invite you to learn about opportunities to reach people outside of First Lutheran Church, and ways in which we can be involved in exciting ways in downtown activities…for the sake of the Gospel. Please contact Jeff Backer, 339-1983 ext. 209 or jbacker@flcsf.org, to learn more.


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September and October/2016 Update: Greetings from Bogota, Colombia! Here is our latest update. God's blessings! 
Stella Lizarazo, Executive Director Emmaus Road Foundation

May/June 2016 Update: Missionary greetings from Bogota, Colombia! This is our May/June 2016 update for the Emmaus Road Foundation (Colombia) and our newly formed 501c3 non-profit organization, Emmaus Road Ministries in the United States. In this update we share two significant new aspects of our shared ministry and mission. Read more...