Yoga at First Lutheran
"Yoga’s incorporation of meditation and breathing can help improve a person’s mental well-being. Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness; increases body awareness; relieves chronic stress patterns; relaxes the mind; centers attention; and sharpens concentration.  Body- and self-awareness are particularly beneficial, because they can help with early detection of physical problems and allow for early preventive action."
-- Natalie Nevins, DO

Class is located on the 2nd floor in the Upper room. Bring your own mat, or use one of ours.

Cost for each yoga class is a $5 suggested donation to cover instructor fees.

Come be a part of a community that gathers here at First Lutheran Church to practice 3 different types of yoga, 3 different days of the week, to help you relax and re-center yourself in mind, body, soul and spirit, for what life throws your way.



w/ Jeff Nelson


1:30–2:30pm Chair Yoga
w/ Jeff Nelson


w/ Gretchen Borgum


Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson is a certified yoga instructor.  He found his way to the "mat" only 5 years ago during a search for healing and serenity on a path of recovery from addiction.

Gretchen Borgum

Gretchen has been working privately with clients for over 20 years. Her goal is to help each client attain the greatest functionality of their body.