Safe Drop Off & Pick Up

With so many families attending Wednesday night programs, parking, drop off, and pick up can be stressful. Following this traffic pattern and plan hopefully reduces stress and guards everyone's safety. Please follow the guidelines below.

  1. Please Enter through the north entrance on Dakota Ave, nearest the building.
  2. Drop off along the sidewalk along the building, so that children are not crossing in front of traffic.
  3. Exit the lot at the south exits. This will keep traffic away from the busy pick up area around the canopy.

Options for Pick up

  1. Pick up along the sidewalk along the building. Children will be waiting for you at the canopy. Please avoid parking along the sidewalk, to allow the line up of cars to move quickly.
  2. Park and meet child inside the building and walk children back to your vehicle. We don't want children walking in the parking lot alone.


  1. Park and wait for children to find your car.