Stewardship 2018

Now Thank We All Our God

How are You Engaging?

There are many opportunities at First Lutheran to live by faith in Jesus Christ. In every ministry we are Proclaiming, Encouraging, and Serving in the gospel, while giving thanks to God for every ministry. 
Where is God calling you?

Thank You!

Your support through prayer, time, talent and financial contributions is greatly appreciated! Every gift matters, no matter how large or small, and each is part of the whole of First Lutheran sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
What are you thankful for at First Lutheran?

Why Make a Financial Commitment? 

Each year we ask your support for the ministries and missions of First Lutheran Church for a few reasons: 
So we can plan for the coming year.
So we can create and deliver ministry opportunities.
So we can experience the joy of giving generously towards needs in our congregation, community and beyond.

Can You Please Help Us?

•    We want to see more than 700 cards returned this year. It would be amazing to have so many households engaged in these ministries!
•    We are asking everyone to consider a 5% increase in giving. This is not possible for everyone, so please give as you can. Imagine the ministries that could engage people through increased financial support!

What’s Next

Pray & Discuss Your Financial Support

Thank you for your faithful support of all First Lutheran ministries and please consider growing in your giving of time, talent, and financial support. Please consider increasing your giving by 5% this year and give as God calls you.

Go “Above & Beyond”

Some ministries need support “above & beyond” the regular ministry budget. On the enclosed card select any that interest you and you will be contacted about these opportunities.

Return the “Thankful Support” Form

Even if you are unable to make a financial commitment, please return the form (the enclosed card or online) indicating how you will be thankfully supporting your congregation next year.