Compassionate Connections Volunteer

Caring Ministry is currently looking for
a spirited individual to become the
Compassionate Connections Volunteer!

Purpose: Our church’s location in the heart of downtown provides us with the unique opportunity to compassionately connect with those in need.  Our church is often a point of contact for many who find themselves in need of crisis support and are not sure where to turn.  These “walk-in” individuals are drawn to seek help from the church because, as one young woman put it, “Mom always said that when you need help, go to church.  God’s people are there to help.”  First Lutheran Church is seeking help from volunteers to help the staff compassionately connect with such persons, for the need is often greater than we are able to effectively meet while still performing the duties of our job, particularly in the warm summer months.

Description: Compassionate Connections Volunteers will be available, at set times of day, to meet with “walk-in” individuals who express a need for crisis assistance or prayerful conversation.  From their workstation located in the atrium, they can compassionately listen to individuals’ needs and help them pursue options for assistance from our ministry and community partners utilizing a telephone and laptop.  Materials and training will be available to help these volunteers become more skilled at making these helpful connections.  Our church does not financially support individuals unknown to us, and our volunteers will be advised not to hand out personal money, so we can maintain a consistent presence among all whom we encounter.  Compassionate Connections volunteers will be able to offer simple gifts of hospitality in Jesus’ name on behalf of the church – a bottle of cold water, a cup of coffee, nourishing snacks, personal care supplies, and other such items will be provided to give away as gifts of love and care.  Additionally, and most importantly, our volunteers can share prayer and encourage in conversation.      

Qualifications: Compassionate Connections Volunteers will need to possess a compassionate heart, patience and calm, a willingness to pray with all people, a willingness to learn, and the strength to adhere consistently and firmly to boundaries and limits agreed upon by ministry leaders.  Volunteers must attend one training event before starting their role.  Training events will occur on Wednesdays July 5, 12, or August 9th from 6-7:30 p.m.

Time Commitment:  Compassionate Connections volunteers are asked to be available for a consistent “shift” of 2-4 hours per week, during weekly business hours of 8-5 Mon-Thu and 8-4 on Friday (excepting vacation, out-of-town travel, and other reasons for absence).

Team Leader: Katherine Olson, Associate Pastor of Caring Ministries, 339-1983 ext. 214 or