Lenten Devotional, Feb. 23 - by Grace Cain

“I AM the Resurrection and the Life” – John 11:25

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Thirteen: a number in which some people see as unlucky. Or, as a wise adult, you may look down on teens who are that specific age. Some may say, “Those adolescents don’t appreciate anything and only care about their phones and Snapchat!” And, yes, thirteen-year-olds can be self-centered, and not even close to mature. Being only thirteen myself, I know we can be immature, but that does not mean we are immature in faith. We may not know every single story in the Bible, or be educated enough to teach about the Bible, but we know much more than some may think, and have been changed by the Bible.

“I am the resurrection and life,” is a simple statement by Jesus that has transformed my life and taught me so much. I used to hear about death and immediately get sad. I would think that in death, I would never see that person again. It would scare me and frighten me about the future. But now, I may get sad, but I am not frightened of dying because I know Jesus. 

For me, poems are a way to express my feelings. This verse in John inspired me to write this poem:

Looked like an ebony wall
Holding myself back
Trapping and enclosing me
It was a tight blanket wrapped over my face
Suffocating and frightening
It smelled of burnt flesh
Sounded like
Screaming souls, 
crying for life
It was the sour taste of defeat
When I did not know Christ

Because Jesus is the resurrection and life
It looks like golden clouds
Giving air and life
It is a smooth surface that
Helps life glide along
It smells like Grandma’s freshly baked cookies
That fill the room with warmth and delight
And brings hope and joy
It is the triumphant sound of the brass
So powerful it gives you a breath of life
For some will only know death
And will forever feel sorrow
But, knowing the resurrection
Gives faith and comfort
To all those who believe

Dear God, Please help us have faith and trust in you. Help those who are blind to your word and give them the opportunity to learn about you and your son’s resurrection. Amen.