Lenten Devotional, March 2 – by Megan Maxon

The crowd that Jesus multiplied bread and fish for did not understand that Jesus was referring to the Bread as himself, and the people begged him to give them more bread to eat. Jesus did not come to fill our stomachs with bread.

This can sound like prayer at times. I find myself asking Jesus for what I want, and not asking for Him. Wants, problems, and worries eventually parish just like physical bread. When we only ask for what we want hoping it will fill us, we can end up hungry shortly after.

Have you ever included phrases in your prayers such as, “I want that new position at my job,” or “I want things to work out this way,” or “I don’t know what to do please give me a sign?” These were some from my own prayer out-box, mainly leaving me feeling hungry and thirsty. What about eternal life? Why was I not praying about the relationship I needed with Christ?

Over the past couple of years, we have started asking for Jesus every morning in prayer. As we leave home to go to daycare, school and work, we pray together in the car. As essential as eating breakfast, so is this part of our day. No matter what we are going through, leaning on Jesus and asking Him to fill our lives with the presence of God, is what will fill us not only each day, but also eternally. Trust in Him, He is our Bread of Life.

“When we pray in the morning, I know that I will have a good day and good things will happen.” –Bella Maxon age 8

Dear Lord, help us to remember to ask for you daily and that we have all we need in you. Let us come ready to be fed. Amen.


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