Lenten Devotional, March 1 - by Adam Guthmiller

“I AM the bread of Life” – John 6:48

When it comes down to it, life is a constant state of finding things to sustain you. Food, water, and shelter do this at the most basic level. Giving you nourishment, and a place to be safe from the perils of nature, life can prosper from this point. Once these core needs have been addressed though, we often still find ourselves needing something to feel at peace and comfortable in this world. We try to find sustenance in our jobs, in our relationships, our education, our hobbies, and even our sports teams – unless you are a Twins fan, there is no nourishment to be found there. And we are mildly, and sometimes even wildly, successful at doing this. We place our trust and find our identity in these things with the feeling that we are finally being sustained, and finally at peace. But time passes and that which used to offer sustenance and some sort of identity for us fades. Friends fall away, you are not quite as good at basketball as you used to be, the Twins are still disappointing, etc. The cycle continues – we search for the next thing that can sustain us. Thankfully, Christ has interrupted this futile search, and proclaims a truth for all and for you, “I AM the bread of life.” Finally! After searching our whole life for sustenance, we are given it freely through the proclamation of a promise. Our hope and that which sustains us no longer has to be found in the things that will eventually wither, but finally it can be found in the one who gives eternal life. This is Good News for me and for you. We have a God who has revealed and given himself to us, so that we may be sustained. Sustained through daily bread – food, water, shelter, relationships, etc. – and sustained eternally through His promise of eternal life.

Heavenly Father, continue to interrupt our lives with your promise. Continue to proclaim that which you are to us – the bread and sustainer of all life – so that we might believe and have faith in these words. Amen.


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