Disobedient Mercy

"The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable" (Romans 11:29). That is St. Paul's emphatic conclusion to any questions that may arise about backsliding, rejecting God's will, or even feeling sin hanging around you. Whatever trials, accusations or guilt you are experiencing, trust that when God gives a gift and when God calls you through the gospel, God did not make a mistake and is not looking for a reason to drop you out of his kingdom. God gave you, sinner that you are, a gift and calling without any chance of taking it back. That's what irrevocable means.


But why then do we continue to experience these troubles? In the strangest turn of events in the entire Bible, we hear what nobody could have expected. God imprisoned, bound, and held us in disobedience in order to show his mercy toward us (Romans 11:31-32!). This means that it is not God's will that we all be perfectly obedient, good little girls and boys. But rather, knowing our disobedient hearts, God's will is done when he has been merciful to us. That is nothing short of amazing.

And what is more, is that God will show mercy to sinners no matter what. So he is always showing mercy to the wrong sort of people. How else could it truly be mercy?

See you in worship,
Pastor Lars