This little word embodies our struggle to find our way in the world. The more we try to maintain control, the more we struggle when we lose it. Narcissism runs rampant in our culture; trying to control every outcome.  But what happens when we lose control? Where do we turn? We also want to try to control who is in, and who is out.

The apostle Paul writes in Romans 10 that those who try to maintain control of their own faith, and especially of their own righteousness, will struggle to do it. When we believe that we can live up to the demands of perfection as laid out by the law, and expected from those around us, we are dependent on maintaining control; and because it is demanded since birth, who of us has really done this?

Paul says that it is impossible, nor necessary for those in Christ. And how do we hear of this great relief? By someone telling us His word of promise, and claim us in Christ’s name. What Paul is demanding is for each of us to tell those around us of the good news of Jesus Christ. That Jesus is in control and the he has the final word over you and your life.

Come to worship this weekend to hear Jesus’ claiming word for you, a word so near to you that it is on your lips, and in your heart!

Jeff Backer, Intern Pastor