He Never Stops


The Holy Spirit comforts, encourages, pushes and pulls upon us so that our lives give witness to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This happens in ways that we don't often recognize. In our families as we pray together, with our friends as we listen with care, and to visitors and guests of our congregation simply by gathering for worship. In fact, God has called each of us into specific service, work, jobs and relationships where by our lives we give thanks, praise and witness to all that God has done for us in Jesus Christ. 

Our scripture lesson from Acts 6 & 7 this weekend make this very clear. Stephen (and six others) are selected to run a new ministry that has one goal: make sure the widows get food. The apostles will take care of preaching the Word of God, so you know just what is going to happen. The rest of Acts 6 & 7 is Stephen preaching. His ministry, his service, is intertwined with his preaching the gospel. It's as if the Holy Spirit called him into a job in order that he would witness to the death and resurrection of Jesus in his food ministry.

Be careful, however. For where the gospel is preached in this world, opposition arises, and the distinction between witness and martyrs vanish. So be bold in your witness, and never stop caring, encouraging and forgiving in Jesus' name.

Pastor Lars