Thoughts for Sunday

David falls prey to the classic trap of being chosen by God. Though he knows that everything comes from God, the thought creeps in that everything ends with him. God took him from being a young, nobody shepherd, and made him king of Israel, and victorious over Israel’s enemies. While David doesn’t dispute any of this, yet now he gets it in his mind that he repay God. He decides to build God a house. A house of cedar to house the ark of the covenant. It may seem like a reasonable gesture, a thankful offering out of God abundance, but God sees something more. God will not allow David to do him any favor, so that David has something to boast about. Instead, God promises to do even more for David, something David could never do even for himself. God will establish an eternal kingdom that will not decay, rot, or rust; a kingdom where God is Father and the ruler is God’s Son.