Milestone Ministry

God knew we would need reminders to stop and tell the stories: the stories of God and his people, the story of God’s son and our own faith stories. Almost every year from birth to graduation we celebrate different milestone events with our children. Families gather together for a meal and learning time and then we celebrate and pray for the children during worship.

Milestones Celebrated durning the year are:

Infant/ Any - Pre- Baptism Class held the first Thursday of the month
Infant/Any - Baptism at any of the services except the 1st Sunday of the month due to Communion or on Holidays.
1st Year After Baptism - Anniversary of Baptisim - January, Baptism of Jesus Sunday
1 yr Olds - Babies 1st Christmas - October, Last Saturday
2 yr Olds - We are the Church, November , Third Saturday
3 yr Olds - First Step - September, Third Saturday
4 yr Olds - Prayer Pillow - October, First Sunday
5 yr Olds - Kindergarten Bibles - April, First Sunday
1st Grade - Lord's Prayer - March, First Sunday
2nd Grade - Confession & Forgivness - February, First Sunday
3rd Grade - Third Grade Bibles - October , First Sunday
4th Grade - Apostle's Creed - November , First Sunday
5th Grade & Parents - First Communion - Maundy Thursday, 6:30 p.m. service
6th Grade - Entering Confirmation - August/September
9th Grade - Driver's Licence Blessing - Fall or Spring
10th Grade - Affirmation of Baptism/Confirmation - November, First Sunday at 2 p.m.
12th Grade - Graduation - Spetember & May
12th Grade - Senior Recognition - May, First Sunday usually at the 11 a.m. Service
All Students Young & Old - Back to School Blessing - August, All services
Youth & Adults - Camps & Mission Trips Blessing - June, First Sunday
Adults - Premarital - Anytime
Adults (Couples married the previous year) - Marriage -  January - March (depending on the weather)

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Feed

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Feed