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Free, Confidential Recovery Coaching

Face It TOGETHER’s office is staffed with Recovery Coaches than can provide individuals and family members with informal, personalized support over an extended period of time.  They help clients overcome barriers to addiction wellness and develop skills and knowledgeto manage their disease and stay well.  Coaches use their training and experience to provide structure, hold clients accountable to their goals, and act as advocates.  To set up an appointment with a Recovery Coach, email info@faceitsiouxfalls.org or call (605) 274-2262 or 1-855-4FACEIT (toll-free). Face It TOGETHER’s office is located at 5020 S. Tennis Lane, #4 in Sioux Falls, one block east of 57th and Louise.

Free, Confidential Telephone Recovery Support

Face It TOGETHER provides telephone recovery support to help people stay well from addiction.  Our trained volunteers make weekly calls to individuals throughout their recovery.  The calls are an opportunity to check in, identify any issues, and connect clients to resources to keep them well and prevent a recurrence of symptoms.  Clients are enrolled for an initial 12-week program but can continue receiving calls as long as they wish.  To get connected, call (605) 274-2262 or 1-855-4FACEIT (toll-free).

Connect with a First Lutheran Recovery Advocate

Twelve members of First Lutheran have been trained to befriend those who have concerns about their own drinking or drug use, as well as family members who are experiencing concern for someone they love.  First Lutheran’s Recovery Advocates can listen, pray, encourage, and help connect individuals to recovery support.  They are committed to keeping all concerns confidential.  Click here to view the names and photos of our church’s Recovery Advocates.  You may connect to our Recovery Advocates using information from our church’s directory, or contact Pastor Katherine Olson or Care and Health Coordinator Jordan Stone for a referral.  Pastor Katherine can be reached at 339-1983 ext. 214 or kolson@flcsf.org.  Care and Health Coordinator Jordan Stone can be reached at 339-1983 ext. 237 or jstone@flcsf.org.