Stepping into Health


Stepping into Health

By John Hegg, Holistic Health Team 

I came across an interesting quote, “If we had to do what Jesus and his disciples did, walk miles and miles to minister, he would have very few followers today.”  It seems the First Lutheran walkers/runners would be an exception!! 

Wow, First Lutheran walkers and runners went from a record 13,491,466 steps in June to 14,942,356 in July – and that was with a few walkers not reporting their steps! Congratulations.  Of the 61 participants, 31 increasee their total steps from June to July! 

The top ten in order were:  Allison Crawford, Beth Monson, Hons Oakland, Sandra Pedersen, Michelle Bierstedt, Dave Wilson, Dale Schlump, Kris Stark, Harald Muller and Joel Nevin. 

Those winning  gift cards in the drawing for July were:  Judy Leslie, LeRoy Nevin, Hons Oakland, Michelle Bierstedt and Nicol Reiner. 

“God wants us to be Healthy and Strong and to shine out His light for others to see.”

Thanks for your commitment to being Healthy and Strong……and letting your light shine!

Get your walking shoes ready

The next three-month session of Stepping into Health will begin soon.
• Walk where ever and when ever you can.
• Quality pedometers available for $10 each.
• Health-related devotional book is available.
• Registration is required. Watch News Notes and the weekly eNews for info.
• Rewards will be presented monthly and when the program concludes.