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Tom Simmons and Larry Toll
Foundation Board Members

First Lutheran Church Foundation

"An Endowment for Christ"

Established in 1963, the purpose of the First Lutheran Church Foundation is to provide ongoing financial support to the mission of First Lutheran Church by managing and investing monies gifted to the First Lutheran Church Foundation by members and/or friends of First Lutheran Church.

Our will to grow is strong, and by using your estate to aid the ministry of Christ, you'll bless the lives of many others who will benefit from our services for years to come.

Foundation 2016 Annual Report

Many people would like to make a gift to the church and its ministries but are unfamiliar with the variety of ways in which such gifts can be made. Here are just a few ways to consider when making a gift to the First Lutheran Church Foundation:

  • Giving through Gift Annuities
  • Your Will as a Witness
  • Giving through Stock
  • Giving Through Life Insurance
  • A Gift that Continues to Give
  • You Decide…Giving through Donor Advised Funds
  • Deferred Payment Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Leave a Legacy: Stewardship Planning for Families

Common Questions

How is my contribution used, specifically?

Regardless of the size of your bequest, nearly 100 percent of the earnings from your contribution will support the various areas of First Lutheran's ministry, including: Adult Discipleship, Youth Ministries, Senior Ministries, and Outreach Ministries. The needs of the church are constantly evolving, and while you may designate your donation for a specific cause, funds are most valuable when they can be used in the areas they are needed the most.

How does a bequest affect my taxes?

Your contribution may be entirely offset by tax savings. Talk with your tax adviser to learn the specifics.

What's the first step?

If you are interested in serving your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ even beyond life, please call First Lutheran's Business Administrator Marilyn McNeill at (605) 339-1983, ext. 236. You may also email the church at